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Rafael da Costa Guimaraes


I would like to personally welcome you to our blockchain for agri-food (B4AG) community! This community is created to share knowledge and online resources on blockchain applications in the agri-food sector. 

As a community, we keep track of B4AG events, reports & pilots that happen all around the world. You can find them in the Calendar, files & databases on the left menu in the B4ag homepage
If you want to contribute to these databases, please send in your suggestion in the "sharing knowledge & content" topic. We will then make them available for everyone in the databases. This can be done by replying to an email originating from this topic or by going to the topic on and placing a comment. 

Apart from sharing valuable online content, this community is used for
- Sharing or asking about B4AG related project learnings & insights.
- Asking general questions about B4AG. 
- sharing & discussing B4AG ideas. 
- Asking feedback on B4AG projects.
To do so, either start a topic on the forum or send an email to B4AG@.... Ater moderation the message will be send to everyone in the group and create a new topic on the forum.
To avoid receiving too many emails please adjust your privacy settings in the "subscription" tab in the left menu. 

We will moderate the messages based on relevance and difficulty of understanding for the rest of the members. Please phrase your questions and answers in a way everyone can understand them and keep it relevant to the group. 

For any questions about the B4AG group you can contact the group owners directly using this email: B4AG+owner@...

For any support related questions about the platform you can use this email: B4AG+help@...

With your help, we can turn this platform into a central B4AG knowledge hub and help agripreneurs all around the world to implement blockchain in order to make our agrifood chains more transparent, fair and more inclusive for all!!
Thank you!

All the best,
Rafael da Costa Guimaraes
Community manager