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This online Community of Practice is a platform for Outcome Harvesting practitioners in NGOs and civil society organisations from predominantly the Netherlands. Here we exchange experiences in implementing outcome harvesting for monitoring & evaluation and learning. We share resources and information, such as guidances to start up outcome harvesting within our organisations, and train colleagues, partners and CSOs to formulate outcomes. We exchange emails asking eachother questions on how others deal with the different aspects of putting the methodology into practice. The platform supports improvement of our practices - under the motto "Good Practices to Assure the Quality" - and advocate Outcome Harvesting as a trustworthy method for the M&E of Strategic Partnership grants (the financial framework 'Dialogue & Dissent' of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs) and other financial schemes of donors.

The Dgroup tools for this community enables us to easily share with the group members through regular email messages. Responding to eachother's emails is through a simple reply or sending a new email with a new subject, right from your own email box. All previous emails, uploaded documents and much more is accesible through and archived on our online platform: [link to OH Online Platform]. We hope that this stimulates the participants to use and share as frequent as deemed useful. We aim it to be accessible for all, and especially for those of us that are relatively new to Outcome Harvesting. We know from own experience as PMEL coordinators that when starting up and developing OH further within our respective organisations, we are confronted with so many (small) questions and (large) dilemmas.
Please feel welcome to share yours and contribute!
NB: This community was initiated early 2017 by PMEL Coordinators of 15 Strategic Partnership grantees from the Netherlands working at: Amref, BothEnds, Cordaid, FPU, GPPAC, Hivos, IUCN, Milieudefensie, Oxfam Novib, PAX, SNV, Tropenbos International, Rutgers, and Wetlands International. We have in common that we are in different phases to implement outcome harvesting for our PME approaches. Paul Kosterink of GPPAC has further facilitated the community including the organisation of 'live' workshops in 2017 and 2018 under the motto "Good Practices to Assure the Quality".

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