Resource on COVID-19 Do No Harm AVAILABLE NOW

Nils Carstensen

Hi all,
Sunra (at DCA) has just shared this guidance on Covid-19 conflict sensitive considerations. Feel free to contact Sunra directly if you need further information.

The current COVID-19 global crisis is immense in scale, and the full implications of its impact are yet to be understood. A new ACT Alliance resource on COVID-19 Conflict Sensitive Considerations  is now available (with links to the DCA Programme Guide on Coronavirus). The ACT site is a freely accessible resource for all organisations (both local and global) that seek to explore how COVID-19 may affect the way we work, so that we can Do No Harm, Do Some Good, and if possible contribute to sustainable Peace.

Sunra Lambert-Baj 

Community Safety Advisor 


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Whatsapp: +44 7956 594 117

Skype: sunra.lambertbaj