sclr & early action

Chris Ball

Dear sclr practitioners,

I am looking for experiences on applying sclr to support 'early action'. sclr can be applied across all settings so it can equally be applied to 'early warning - early action'. I am looking for examples of how communities have used traditional early warning methods and/or have been provided with skills upgrading in scientific information services to identify and take action utilizing emergency micro-grants / community grants. DKH have a project in Kenya which provides a 'social protection/response fund' to community groups (in this case committees). We are expanding the use of this fund to support communities to plan interventions to ongoing emergencies and threats including locust swarms, flooding and Covid-19. This is being complimented by supporting the strengthening of communities' access to information services for these threats and other climatic and livelihood information services. I will share our learning from this experience later. We are also looking into applying a similar approach in Guatemala for the onset of drought. It would be very much appreciated if you could also share any experiences you may have on applying sclr to support early action.

All the best, stay well and safe!