Reminder Webinar: Group Cash Transfers (GCTs) - Design, Implementation and Monitoring

Rediet Abebe

Dear D-Group colleagues, 
Key Aid Consulting would like to remind you on our invitation on the presentation of a DanChurchAid (DCA) commissioned guidance and tools to standardise the process of designing, implementing and monitoring Group Cash Transfer (GCT) programmes.
Cash and Voucher Assistance (CVA) have received much attention over the last 10 years as a means of providing targeted assistance to individuals and households. However, little attention has been paid to localisation and the scalable use of Group Cash Transfers (GCTs) to enable community-led responses to disasters led by affected populations themselves.
With this realisation, DanChurchAid (DCA) commissioned the development of guidance and tools to standardise the process of designing, implementing and monitoring GCT programmes as well as a report and tip sheet to address the opportunities and constraints towards the uptake of GCTs.
With the finalisation of the guidance and tools, Key Aid Consulting invites you to participate in one of our webinars where we will be presenting these. Furthermore, a small panel of local actors with experience in GCTs will discuss some of their experiences, challenges and recommendations on the way forward for GCTs, which is a unique opportunity to understand the approach and how to incorporate it in your work.
The webinar is for actors engaged in both humanitarian and development programming including local and national actors, international NGOs and UN agencies as well as donors. You do not need to have CVA experience to benefit from the discussions.
Please Join us in for one of the following slot: 
Thursday, 11 March 2021: 14:30 India Standard Time / 16:00 IndoChina Time/ 09:00 am GMT:
Best regards,
Rediet Abebe Kabeta
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