Seeking experts: Community cash grants


Dear Community of Practice,

It's me again - with a request on Community Cash Grants :) 

Key Aid Consulting is currently conducting a study on Community Cash Grants to
 feed into the development of guidelines and tools on community and group cash grants to be part of the technical toolbox for cash and voucher assistance.

(For the purposes of this study, the understanding of community cash grants is as grants that are distributed either to entire communities (e.g. in more rural settings) or to CBOs or smaller self-help groups to support projects that benefit a wider community rather than individuals or individual households. This also includes emergency community grants that are intended to provide relief. Loans/microcredit are not considered to be a part of this.) 


In order to realize the above-stated aims, we are using a survey based on the Delphi technique to validate practices and findings. We are aiming to include inputs from an expert group of humanitarian practitioners engaged in different sectors with experience using Community Cash Grants. This will be done through a medium of an ODK questionnaire that will be deployed in 2 rounds to the expert group to create consensus.


To this end, if you or any other humanitarian practitioner in your network has experience with community cash grants and is willing to take part in the Delphi process as part of an expert group, please reach out to us in either of the following email addresses below.


Contact: maja@...

            : rediet@...