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Digitalisation for agriculture (D4Ag) is the use of digital technologies, innovations, and data to transform business models and practices across the agricultural value chains. It addresses bottlenecks in, inter alia, productivity, postharvest handling, market access, finance, and supply chain management so as to achieve greater income for smallholder farmers, improve food and nutrition security, build climate resilience and expand inclusion of youth and women.


In the last few years there has been a rapid evolution in D4Ag, which includes increasing use of drones, remote sensing, IoT, blockchains, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and next generation portable field diagnostic technologies. The increasing mobile phone penetration and mobile internet accessibility supported the process. 

The Digital Agri Hub tracks the development of the digital agriculture sector in Low- and Middle-Income Countries. Acting as a multiactor knowledge broker and matchmaking platform, it focuses on inclusive digital development and provides a unique perspective towards scaling up and investing in digital agriculture innovations.

This discussion group is intended for digital entrepreneurs; agricultural entrepreneurs; individuals and institutions investing in digital agriculture; international development organisations integrating digital solutions into their activities; farmers and agribusinesses deploying digital solutions; and research, policy and decision making bodies who need to understand and keep pace with the development of the sector.

In order to exploit the full potential of digitalisation for agriculture, forum discussions will revolve around (but not limited to) exploring the state of digital solutions for agriculture, the opportunities for big data and analytics to drive reliable content for the solutions, addressing business development issues for the solutions, and the provision of enabling environments for digitalisation to thrive including capacity building, strategies, knowledge among others.

Activities group members are welcome to promote or organise via this group include conferences, workshops, webinars or similar. Other networking opportunities, new resources, innovations, etc. are welcome to be shared via this group.
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