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#d4ag dialogue - Shaping #digital agriculture #capacities

Join a global network of 1,200 people to help shape future investments in digital agriculture (D4Ag) capacities.

From 19 November to 10 December, the Digital Agri Hub’s online #D4Ag-dialogue aims to identify capacity gaps, opportunities, priority needs and best-bet learning solutions for people and organizations working with digital agriculture. Supported by the Dgroups Foundation, the online dialogue combines two virtual (Zoom) sessions with email-based, facilitated discussions, in a rich and dynamic process.

Join us on Zoom for the dialogue closing webinar on 15 December 2021 from 1400 – 1530 CET and:

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Dialogue outline

Discussion toolkit 

How to participate - and what you'll get out of it

For each round of discussion, we will post an opening message with discussion questions. The message will be posted by the discussion convenors (Tomaso Ceccarelli and Giacomo Rambaldi)  or the discussion facilitators (Jessica Ball and Pier Andrea Pirani).

When you reply to this opening message – or to the replies posted by other participants – your message will be moderated and require approval by group moderator before it is circulated to the whole group of participants.

At the end of each discussion round, we will provide a summary of the contributions and main points emerging from the discussion, to facilitate the transition to the next phase of the conversation. A final summary of the online discussion will be prepared after the closing online meeting on 15 December.

We encourage you to devote at least 1 hour of your time for each conversation round, to read and reply to the messages circulated in this group and engage with the other participants in an active dialogue. See the various options you have to contribute to the discussion.

By actively engaging in the online discussion, you’ll have the opportunity to contribute your views and help shape digital agriculture capacities!

Posting guidelines

The following are suggestions on what we think will contribute to an active and enriching discussion:

  • Keep your posts/replies concise – you don’t need to write an essay. Posting replies of 150/200 words can give you enough space to tell your story and express your opinion, while still making it easy for others to read and reply.
  • Be clear – use a simple (but not simplistic) language that can be easily understood by the other participants.
  • Read before posting – read other people's posts’, to build on what they say, or to challenge their opinion; read your own posts, to make sure they are clear.
  • Add to the conversation, not to the noise – posts such as Thank you messages, or simple “I agree” posts can be sent as personal messages. Make sure your posts are adding to the conversation and are on topic.
  • Be agreeable, when you disagree. And be respectful of other participants’ opinions.
  • Have fun!

Discussion summaries

Help and support

If you experience any technical issue during the discussion or want to know more about how to use this d4ag group to contribute to the discussion, please contact the d4ag group moderators at