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GROUP CALENDAR provides a Calendar feature that members can use to view and create group events.

Note: Current settings for this group calendar allow the general public and group members to view created events, and group owners and moderators to create and edit events.

  • To visit this group calendar, click the Calendar entry in the left navigation menu on the group’s website.
  • To change the view of the calendar, click the button at the upper right and select the view you want: MonthWeekDay, or List.

You can subscribe to the group calendar from another calendar such as Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, or Apple Calendar, as long as that calendar supports iCalendar format.

To subscribe to a group’s calendar from another calendar:

  1. Display the group’s calendar.
  2. At the bottom of the page, click the Subscribe to Calendar button to display and copy the iCalendar URL of your calendar.
  3. Go to the other calendar, and add the group calendar’s URL according to the other calendar’s instructions.

Note: The subscription (synchronization) is only one way, from to the other calendar.

Tip: also provides a consolidated calendar that contains entries from the calendars of all the groups you belong to. See Your Calendar home page.

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