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#D4Ag e-conversations (27 February 2023 - ongoing)

Since 2021, Digital Agri Hub (DAH) has strived to promote digitalisation for agriculture, often abbreviated as D4Ag, across the low- and middle-income countries (LMICs). At the DAH we believe it can help to safeguard the future of small-scale producers and all key value chain players in our dynamic food systems. But by doing so, we should be aware of the limitations of digital solutions and of the whole D4Ag “ecosystem”. In this context the DAH has launched a number of e-conversations of what we consider as potential clichés in this domain and discuss them with members of the D4Ag Dgroups community. The outcome of the exchanges may lead to a more objective, prudent and realistic approach on how to approach and present digitalisation for small-scale producers in LMICs.

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#D4Ag e-Dialogue (19 November to 10 December 2021)

From 19 November to 10 December, the Digital Agri Hub’s online #D4Ag-dialogue identified capacity gaps, opportunities, priority needs and best-bet learning solutions for people and organizations working with digital agriculture. Supported by the Dgroups Foundation, the online dialogue combined two virtual (Zoom) sessions with email-based, facilitated discussions, in a rich and dynamic process.
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