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Online collaboration, dialogue and interaction – what works in international development. From mid July to mid September 2020, this Dgroups Foundation e-conference explored what works – and what doesn’t – when collaborating and acting together online. We aimed to co-create lessons and practices that will help us improve the ways we work online.

Drawing on the experiences and lessons of Dgroups partners and collaborators, across sectors, platforms and regions, we used an ‘experience capitalization’ approach that draws out our individual and collective insights to produce actionable knowledge that will help us improve our own practices.

We built on recent discussions about some critical online collaboration factors. We covered the following topics:
  • online platforms and technologies - which ones, and how to make them work for us
  • online group and community facilitation - what's needed, what works, and how we can do it better
  • online engagement and participation - how can we motivate people to contribute and interact
  • building trust in online groups - how we can provide safe spaces and build confidence and trust
  • inclusive online spaces - what we can do to foster equity, reflect diversity and overcome exclusion in our groups
  • effective online events -  what works, and how we can deliver better virtual meetings
We concluded discussing 5 key areas identified during the discussions:
  • Enhancing participation and engagement
  • Nurturing effective COPs
  • Using appropriate platforms
  • Learning through e-collaboration
  • Sustaining engagement through time

Download a brief synthesizing key points from the discussions

See our wiki with notes from the discussions

See notes from our zoom reflection meeting on 24 September 2020

See the messages shared

See our overall agenda

We want to make this dialogue as open as possible, so the messages archive, wiki and other resources are visible to anyone. However, only members can contribute.

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