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We are using this wiki to support planning, documenting and reporting on the discussions.

Please visit the different pages, and help us keep them up to date, highlighting the main points raised on the online discussions. Send any message you prefer not to send to the whole group to Pier Andrea Pirani or to Jorge Chavez-Tafur.



We will start the discussions on 13 July; with introductions and agenda-setting that maps the critical factors and features necessary to collaborate and communicate effectively online. The second week in this capitalization exercise should see us sharing and documenting the strategies, tools and tips that work for us in different situations. For the third week, we look to capitalize on our earlier work - setting out opportunities, agenda's and priority actions we can, together or individually take forward. 

Each week starts with framing questions, experiences and opinions shared trigger interaction and discussion, and rapid summaries and synthesis round off each week. We aim to produce summaries in French and Spanish.

The discussions will cover six main topics (see below) with all interactions facilitated, moderated and documented. The week-by-week sessions will explore and synthesize the topics raised by all participants over the course of the event:

  • Week 1: What are the critical aspects that we need to consider?
  • Week 2: What works? What experiences have we encountered?
  • Week 3: What lessons and practices should we take forward?



What do participants say? What are the main issues raised? Find the main ideas shared by all participants in these discussions.