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In short, the discussions will encompass four main topics: connecting our knowledge and expertise, exploiting online engagement platforms, developing capabilities for effective online collaboration and advocacy, and effectively facilitating online dialogue, processes and events.

We aim to facilitate and document an open dialogue on, at least, the following 6 topics:

  1. online #platforms and technologies - which ones, and how to make them work for us
  2. online group #facilitation - what's needed, what works, and how we can do it better
  3. online #engagement and participation - how can we motivate people to contribute and interact
  4. building #trust in online groups - how we can provide safe spaces and build confidence and trust
  5. inclusive online spaces - what we can do to foster equity, reflect diversity and overcome exclusion in our groups (#inclusion)
  6. effective online #events -  what works, and how we can deliver better virtual meetings

The discussions are likely to cover topics like online conferencing, discussion lists, facilitating virtual communities of practice, blending face to face and virtual into ‘hybrid’ meetings, extending face to face events with online tools, effective webinars, setting up and maintaining shared online knowledge resources, online conferencing tools and platforms, motivating and engaging online community members, trust-building in online spaces, using ‘all in one’ social platforms, online advocacy and influencing, blogs supporting collaboration, and of course all sort of specific platforms and tools. 


How does it work?

You are invited to send your ideas to the whole group, and to respond to the different messages, adding your opinions ideas, experiences or suggestions. The specific topics and interactions are facilitated, moderated and documented. The week-by-week sessions will explore and synthesize specific topics over the course of the event. 

Week 1 (July 13 - 18): What are the critical aspects that we need to consider?

Week 2 (July 20 - 25): What works? What positive experiences have we seen? What pitfalls to avoid?

Week 3 (July 27 - 31): Which actions and changes can we adopt?


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