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PHASE 1 (July 13 - 18, 2020)

During the first week we will invite all participants to introduce themselves, and we will also introduce the process we plan to follow, and the general agenda. Those who are not familiars to Dgroups will also hear about the platform and about the options it provides and which we will be using: emails, wiki, calendar, polls, etc.

The discussion will focus then on the critical factors influencing our online collaboration, dialogue and interaction initiatives. We will start with those identified during the KM4Dev knowledge cafés and and during the session we had on July 3:

  • platforms and technologies
  • facilitation and leadership
  • engagement and participation
  • trust and safe space
  • inclusive online spaces
  • effective online events 

Participants will be invited to explore these ideas further, and add new factors - focusing on the context they work in and on their particular work experience. They will be asked to a few ‘‘most interesting" or "most significant’ insights, and to comment those ideas shared by others.  

By the end of the week we plan to have a first map of the critical dimensions and of the factors that determine success.



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