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PHASE 2 (July 20 - 25)

The second phase will focus on the individual experience of all participants: we will invite them all to share what they've done and what they have achieved. Building on the opinions and ideas presented during the first week, they will all be asked to introduce the project or projects they have been working on and the steps taken to strengthen dialogues between different stakeholders, and to improve the online collaboration mechanisms. To help everybody get a complete picture of these different experiences, participants will be invited to describe

  • the project, programme or initiative they are directly involved in, and the context in which this started
  • its primary aims and objectives, and the general value proposition (what does this initiative offers to those involved)
  • its design - how it operates or operated
  • the steps taken during implementation - the roles and responsibilities involved, the resources needed
  • the main results  
  • a brief analysis: what were the factors that contributed to its success? What were the factors that prevented the team in charge from (even) better results?


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