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There are 5 main ways to contribute to the conversations (also called Topics or Threads).

1. Reply to an email: Reply to a message when it arrives in your email inbox, just as you would to a normal email (by default your reply goes go all members of the group; you can send a direct email to other members from the member directory). 

2. Send an email: In your normal email system, create a new email to Compose the message and send as usual. Messages are moderated to avoid spam so there may be a short delay in it being sent out  (by default your reply goes go all members of the group). You can attach a file as usual.  Please keep subject lines short and descriptive and attachments as small as possible (link to an online resource if possible) 

3. Reply to a message on the website: Visit the messages page to find all conversations and choose the one(s) you’d like to reply to.   To reply to a specific message, click on its title to open the message. Click on the reply button at the bottom of the message and you can enter your text and send.

4. Compose a message on the website: Click on the 'new topic' option in the left navigation. Enter a subject line and your text. Add a hashtag if appropriate.

5. Reply to a chat: Click on the 'chats' option in the left navigation.  Click on the title of any chat and type your comment in the box. Chats are NOT send by email.


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