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Points from the introductions


Understanding and managing power online – what are the new power imbalances we need to think about? Tied to this is appreciating that at this time that work-life separation can be so hard for some people that we may as well treat it as an opportunity to connect on a more emotional/personal level than pretend we are all “in our office” all day. (Cheryl Brown)


I'm passionately interested in the huge potential of CoPs - if only we could get them fully recognised and supported by funders, multilaterals and larger organisations. All global trends - including the current pandemic - point to the need to rely less on international face-to-face conferences and to use virtual comms much more than we currently do. We currently have a glut of webinars and zoom meetings - all very well, but these are not nearly as inclusive and interactive as CoPs. We need a similar growth in CoPs, while avoiding duplication and fragmentation. I'm also very keen to see how CoPs can communicate and coordinate better among ourselves, not just in health but across all areas of development. Collectively we shall have maximum impact. (Neil Pakenham-Walsh)



Points from the agenda-setting




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