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I am interested in “learning from my virtual neighbours”, on how best to build trust and participation and on how best to work in situations with low band width and weak connections. (Manuel Flury)


I've noticed that their is often an expectation and acceptance that, as a result of moving online, levels of participation will be lower, diversity of participation reduced and the overall outcomes less satisfactory. ... I really hope this discussion will help me address ... how to articulate the benefits and advantages of online collaboration to show that in the right circumstances they can be much more than simply a poor substitute for face-to-face! (Alan Stanley)


Particularly with the surge in 90-minute virtual meetings and webinars - that increasingly also need rich and creative process and engagement design - we need effective online ways to support inclusive, open, purposeful dialogue. I'm hoping that the current zoom pandemic will help people recognize the value of good online interaction and collaboration, beyond any specific event, and the need to invest in it... (Peter Ballantyne)


I'm also very keen to see how CoPs can communicate and coordinate better among ourselves, not just in health but across all areas of development. Collectively we shall have maximum impact. (Neil Pakenham-Walsh)


Dialogues and online collaboration. The Pandemic forced many of us to become familiar with this new reality. My experience, since 1996, is that this takes a long learning curve, preferably coached by a more experienced person. And that is not obvious! Maybe a good topic to include in our dialogue? Learning to collaborate online, how to go about it? (Peter Bury)


We are still learning….All our efforts have been “learning by doing approach”, getting closer and always testing what may or may not work.  Online collaboration or online connection still difficult, more in rural areas. We have not found the medicine to have someone fully engaged in an online conversation, training or working session…Maybe is a matter of the environment. What probably may work? Sense making….only when we know that the people find sense you Id the immediate connection. Is like watching a good movie…. (Federico Sancho)




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