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A cross-cutting thread : how this collaboration emerges at a higher level, across all the collaborations  and platforms we are busy with - how is this contributing to a meaningful collective sense-making. How does it bubble up to our collective learning, which is precisely what we're trying to do in this consultation I believe. (Ewen Le Borgne)


My key interest is an emerging idea in several Dgroups (KM4Dev, adaptdev, markets in crises) and development/peacebuilding workgroups.  So my focus is collaborative learning, which builds on three of the listed issues (engagement and participation, learning to collaborate online, communities of practice). The emerging idea is fast-feedback learning in specific contexts. A short label is Localized Learning. The aim is to build flexibility into a project’s action plan (Theory of Change), so that it responds to local desires and capabilities. (John Hoven)


I am interested in “learning from my virtual neighbours”, on how best to build trust and participation and on how best to work in situations with low band width and weak connections. (Manuel Flury)


How to find the balance on experiencing collaboration vs. harvesting the fruits of that collaboration (blogging about this at the moment) - and how to connect our experiences in ways that accelerate our collective learning, reaching out deep and wide?
How can I learn about the many fascinating experiences you've all had? Luckily that bit will be addressed here ! (Ewen Le Borgne)




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