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This is the place for group Owners and Moderators to share, discuss, learn and seek help to manage their groups. A few useful things to know about this group:

  • Members of this group are owners and moderators from Dgroups Partners that are using the groups.io platform;
  • Messages are set to non-moderated - if you reply to a message from this group, you will reach all group members
  • Hashtags are used to categorize and classify topics and conversations. These are the hashtags that you can currently use:
    • #howto - for guides and suggestions, questions on how to use the platform from a technical point of view
    • #members - for questions and guidance on how to manage your group members
    • #moderation - to discuss non-tech issues related to facilitating and animating a group
    • #updates - this is used only by the group moderator(s) to post when new features are released or changed on the groups.io platform.
As we go along, we'll see which other hashtags would be useful to add - and which ones to remove.

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  • This is a subgroup of dgroups .
  • All members can post to the group.
  • Posts to this group do not require approval from the moderators.
  • Messages are set to reply to group.
  • Subscriptions to this group require approval from the moderators.
  • Archive is visible to members only.
  • Wiki is visible to anyone.
  • Only moderators can create hashtags.
  • Members can edit their messages.

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