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You may have seen that in some groups, messages that belong to the same topic may at time be not threaded correctly. So they are displayed as separate topics in the online archive.

For example, this may happen when the subject line has a RE that gets pre-pended, or when the system finds other differences in the subject line that are machine-related and we cannot see.

Good news is, you can use the Merge function and group together messages that belong to the same thread (or topic).

To merge a message into another:

  1. Go to the list of messages online [
  2. Identify the topic or individual message that you want to merge to the correct thread
  3. Click on the down arrow
  4. Click on Start Merge (first image below). The page will reload
  5. Identify the topic you want to merge the selected topic/message into, and click again on the down arrow
  6. Select the option Merge Into (second image below)
  7. In the popup window that opens, confirm the Merge action
  8. The list of messages will reload, with the message now merged into the correct topic

This is a useful way to keep your archive list of messages nicely organized.

Image 1: Start Merge
 Image 1 - Start Merge

Image 2 - Merge Into