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What is a bounce?

When a group email sent to an account cannot be delivered, it is called a bounce. Please refer to the official help page to find detailed information about bounces - i.e. bounces and types of bounces; overview of bounce handling by the system, and detailed description of bounce handling.

How can I see members that are bouncing?

To see if members is bouncing, go to Admin >> Members and then select Bouncing from the dropdown menu, as in the image below:


The members page will show you the members accounts marked either with a Blue B (for bouncing) or a Red B (bounced):

  • If an account is bouncing (blue B), it means that the system is still trying to deliver emails to the member
  • If an account is bounced (blue B), it means that the system has given up trying to send emails to the member.

Obviously, we want to keep clean the membership in our group and minimize the number of bouncing and bounced accounts.

What should I do with members that are bouncing? 

The easiest way to handle with bounces is doing the following:

  • Write to the member from your personal address, notifying them that the account is bouncing
    • If your message is not delivered and you get an error message, it is safe to assume that the email address is no longer working and you can remove the member from your group.

  • If the member replies back to you, it means there is an issue at the receiving end that prevents emails from the system to being delivered correctly. 
    • Ask the member to contact their IT department or service provider to investigate the issue and mark as safe the emails that are sent from and

  • Once you have received confirmation from the member that their IT department or service provider have fixed the issue, you have to send the member a bounce probe(see below)
    • It is useful to warn the member that they will receive a bounce probe, so they can look for it and make sure they receive it - and they can check their spam folder if the bounce probe doesn't land in their inbox. doens't It may help to tell the member what to watch for. You can send him/her the link to this example bounce probe message.

  • When the bounce probe email is delivered and the member clicks on the link included in the probe email, the system will start again to send messages to the member.

How do I send a bounce probe?

To send a bounce probe to a bouncing member:

  • Select the bouncing member's checkbox (or multiple checkboxes at the same time)
  • Scroll at the bottom of the page and select "Send Bounce Probe" from the Actions menu

I've changed the email address of a bouncing member, what else should I do?

If you know that a member is using a different email address - and you have consent from the member to use the new email address, you can change the member's email under the membership page.

However if the member was already put into bounced status (red B), the account will have first to be unbounced before the member can start receiving again emails from the system. 

So if you have changed the email address of a bouncing member, you will have to send a bounce probe to this member (as explained above). The account will be unbounced only after the member clicks on the unbounce link in the probe email.