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We believe that by working together, better, more inclusive collaboration and dialogue leads to better development results.

The Dgroups Foundation provides simple, effective and affordable solutions, knowledge and expertise that supports online collaboration among organizations, projects, networks and campaigns, and individuals in international development.. Find out more about us.

Here is where we support and manage groups using the groups.io platform - an email based system for online groups and communities. Feel free to create an account (see the button below). Explore some of the groups we and our partners are supporting to see which ones you may be able to join. 

Many of our partners manage their own communities and join the Dgroups partnership - we have recently launched a 'community connector' to facilitate interactions. 

We are keen to partner with like-minded organizations. If you want help to set up your own groups or just want to collaborate or discuss a joint project, contact us at foundation@dgroups.info.

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