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Here below is a template message that you can use and adapt, to send to members before adding them to a new group. You can use this message, for example, if you already have a dgroup on a different system and are migrating it to a new group on

We suggest to send this message using regular email, with recipients' email addresses in bcc.

Subject: Changes to the [Insert Group Name] dgroup platform and email address


Dear colleagues


Due to some technical change to the platform used by Dgroups, we will be changing the system we use for our online discussion group.


The change will be technically non-disruptive; the new platform is configured to support email discussions just like we have now. It also has a rather more sophisticated web interface.


The MAIN change you will see is in the email address for future messages.


From [Insert day and timing of switch-over], you should send messages to:


  1. [insert email address]


We will send you a message when the switch-over is complete.


During this process, your details from the current platform will be added to the new platform.


You should receive a simple message informing you that you’ve been added to the group on the new platform (see example below). This is required under data privacy rules and also allows you to leave this community if you prefer.


We apologise for the inconvenience.


Best regards,