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Here below is a template message that you can use and adapt, as kick-off message in your new group.

We suggest to send this message using the group itself, so users will receive it from the group email address.

Dear all, 

Welcome of the [group name] discussion platform. We are excited to have you join us here and this new Dgroup platform offers a host of new features including file sharing system, calendar and a poll feature! 

To send, or reply to messages, please send them to: [insert group email].

You can also visit the Dgroup online here: [insert group url]. When you login for the first time you can use the "email me a link to login" button on the group Login page. Once you login, you can update your subscription settings here: https://YourGroupName/editsub . You can opt to receive: all messages in individual emails, collections of messages in a digest, a daily summary, or only special notices.  

Using the online platform has the advantage of allowing you to easily read all messages in one place, and it allows you to see who else is in the community when you click on the member directory! We highly encourage you to populate your profile, by clicking on account from the dropdown in the top right-hand corner and then selecting identity from the menu on the left. Please be sure to update your location so we can get an overview of where our members are based! 

If you do not wish to belong to this group, you may unsubscribe by sending an email to:

If you encounter problems, please send a message to [group admin email address].  

Best regards,