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If you have existing groups at and you would like to move them on, you have to options:

  1. Moving your groups under
  2. Moving your groups under a custom sub-domain (e.g.

Please get in touch with to discuss your options, and see where you should consider moving your groups.

What should you do for the migration?

Regardless of where you will be moving your groups (under or your own custom sub-domain), here is a quick overview of the migration process:

  1. We set up the new group for you, with basic information and settings (for you to complete and finalize).

  2. You export the list of members from your group at; we will import members for you on your new group.

  3. We arrange with you an online orientation session, and are in stand by while you test and get familiar with the platform.

  4. We work together to define content and timing of the communications you should send to your members, to notify them of the upcoming migration and when it is competed.