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Here below is a template message that you can use and adapt, to send to members before adding them to a new group. We suggest to send this message using regular email, with recipients' email addresses in bcc.

Important note: Make sure you only add members that have given you their consent to do so. If you don't have their consent, use the Invite function instead. 

Subject: Our [Insert Group Name] online group and email address


Dear colleagues,


As we have discussed, we are now setting up a new online discussion group for our community on This platform supports email discussions and has additional functionality in its web interface.


The discussion group will be launched on [Insert day and timing of switch-over], and the group email address will be:


  1. [insert email address]


We will send you a message when the group set up is complete.


During this process, you should receive a simple message informing you that you’ve been added to the group (see example below). This is required under data privacy rules and also allows you to leave this community if you prefer.


Best regards,