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Logging in as a member to this group will enable you to edit your profile, read and post messages via the platform (instead of via email) and use other features from the platform such as the chat, the calendar and hashtags.

To log in to this page:
  • Click on the upper right corner of this page and the login page will open
  • Enter your email and password
  • If you haven't set a password or if you forgot your password click the "Email me a link to log in" button
  • If you don't receive the email check your spam or junk mail folder
To make it easier - you can choose to log in using Facebook or Gmail so you do not need to create a new account here!


Your profile tells other members who you are. Click here to modify your profile. Please add:

  • A profile picture;

  • A short biography explaining what your background is and what you are working on;

  • The location where you are based;

  • Under Profile Privacy, select Other members of this group is you would like your profile to be included in the Group Directory


There are 5 main ways to contribute to the conversations (also called Topics or Threads).

  1. Reply to an email: Reply to a message when it arrives in your email inbox, just as you would to a normal email (by default your reply goes to all members of the group; you can send a direct email to other members from the member directory of the group).

  2. Send an email: In your normal email system, create a new email to km4change@dgroups.io. Compose the message and send it as usual. Messages are moderated to avoid spam so there may be a short delay in it being sent out (by default your reply goes to all members of the group). You can attach a file as usual.

  3. Reply to a message on the website: Visit the messages page of the group to find all conversations and choose the one(s) you would like to reply to. To reply to a specific message, click on its title to open the message. Click on the reply button at the bottom of the message and you can enter your text and send it.

  4. Compose a message on the website: Click on the New Topic button in the left navigation. Enter a subject line and your text. Add a hashtag if appropriate.


To help follow and document conversations, hashtags can be assigned to threads (topics) - they appear as # in the subject line. Adding a hashtag to a topic title automatically assigns that term as a hashtag to the thread. Some hashtags are automatically generated by the system for some notifications, such as:

  • #poll - used for messages where we ask group members to take a poll

  • #cal-invite - used for calendar invitations

  • #cal-reminder - used a message is a reminder about an upcoming event

  • #chat - used when a new chat is created


This group has a Calendar that members can use to view and create group events.

  • To visit this group calendar, click the Calendar button in the left navigation menu on the group’s website.

  • To change the view of the calendar, click the button at the upper right and select the view you want: Month, Week, Day, or List.

  • You can subscribe to the group calendar from another calendar such as Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, or Apple Calendar, as long as that calendar supports iCalendar format.


You can control your email delivery preference for this group. By default, you will receive each message posted to the group as an individual email. Do you not want to receive all messages in an individual email, then you can choose the following options. Remember that at all times you can also consult the messages and the discussions on the online platform:

  • Full-Featured Digest - You receive a fully formatted (HTML) digest containing the day’s messages.

  • Plain Digest - You receive a plain text digest containing the day’s messages.

  • Daily Summary - You receive a once-daily list of topics that were posted that day. The summary does not include the text of any of the messages. It contains only a list of topics.

  • Special Notices Only - You receive only the messages that moderators have designated as special notices.  


We welcome anyone to join our discussions as long as we stay positive, tolerant, open and on topic! To avoid any inappropriate messages the discussions will be monitored and moderated. 

Some tips and guidelines for enjoyable discussions: 

  • Participate: The group will only be useful if we all participate. Be ready to exchange, share, post, reply! 

  • Help others: Sharing knowledge and information means helping others.

  • Respect others: We have a diverse group of members, with different backgrounds and from different contexts. It is important we respect each other and each other's point of view. 

  • Add background information and sources: When possible add background information, links, sources, etc. so the other members can read/learn more on the topic you are sharing. 

Report mistakes or glitches: Nothing is perfect, neither will this group be. Do you see any mistakes? Is something not working properly? Was your message not shared? Please report it to the group administrators and we will try to fix it as soon as possible: km4change+owner@dgroups.io

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