Welcome to the Knowledge Management for Development (KM4Dev) Global Community of Practice!

KM4Dev is a global networked community of international development practitioners who are interested in knowledge management and knowledge sharing issues and approaches and, who seek to share ideas and experiences in this domain.KM4Dev is a self-organized community. Learn more about the community; our principles; governance and activities on

To cover the running costs of our community ICT infrastructure - e.g. the web domain, wiki, KS toolkit and journal - KM4dev needs your support. If you would like to support KM4Dev financially, consider making a donation via Credit Card or via PayPal.  Even the smallest amount will help!

Currently our community uses the following platforms, each with their own main purpose:

  • KM4Dev email list  - This is our primary conversation platform. 

  • - As more flexible multipurpose social platforms emerged, KM4Dev decided to start offering a Ning platform at that allows (groups of) KM4Dev members to self-organize their involvement in KM4Dev including: creating an own page; creating specific subgroups; announcing events; sharing audio-visual material; keeping a blog; etc. Guidelines and access to support can be found here. Note that participation requires your specific registration to our Ning platform
  • KM4Dev Wiki - Since it’s early days, the KM4Dev community decided to build a collaborative repository on various reference materials; documentation of a wide range of activities and; methods and tools. Every KM4Dev member may apply for a Wiki specific registration that allows contributing to its content. Guidelines and access to further support can be found here

  • Knowledge Management for Development Journal - The KM4Dev community also has its own open access, community-run journal which is now in 15th year of publication

  • KM4Dev elsewhere in cyberspace  -You may also find us and engage on Twitter; on Facebook; on LinkedIn; on Flickr; on Google+; on YouTube; on Google Drive. Across social media we tend to use the hashtag #KM4Dev, many of us also use #KM; #KMers; #knowledgemanagement; #KM4Dev20years.
Welcome again and enjoy your membership in KM4Dev!

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