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EwenHello all! I have you all in this list. I know some of you can't make it but then you'll have access to our conversation notesFor all those who can make it, I'll call you all in 1h15' from now. Speak in a bit!

EwenOK, let me start the callCheck-in: who’s who (name, org, location). Your mood, your interests and/or ideasIncluding missing people. Agenda:

  • -          Background info (Sarah)
  • -          What big ideas are there?
  • -          What needs to happen next?

Start with introductions: who's who, and ideas

Ewen, KIT Amsterdam

Peter Ballantyne, in Scotland. For this event, reconnecting. Idea: to see how to use liberating structures to organise the meeting

Jorge, at home

Sarah Cummings, at WUR, Wageningen

Mike Powell, north of England. EADI conference... not a lot of ideas (yet)

Peter Ballantyne, for this event … am with dgroups (again, after a long break). Super great to be back with all you km4dev folks

Arno Boersma, Washington DC, a lurker at KM4Dev, interested. Own firm, then WB, UNDP. Idea, see how to incorporate the work for islands (Sarah, incorporate islands as real and metaphor

Peter Ballantyne, with ILRI, now freelance, a bit with dgroups foundation

Helen Gillman, at IFAD, KM, member for many years, usually lurking. Looking forward to working with all, coming to event. No ideas (yet)

Andreas Brandner, managing director of KM Austria, since 2016 in core team. Interested in linking KM with the societal aspects of development. Last years in Africa, targeting to have event in Addis with ILRI, interested in linking European event with African oneReaching KM to higher level

Cesar Robles, Helvetas, K and Learning Advisor. Feels like a fireman, with all online events interested in opening doors, making this an inclusive event, for those who cannot join.

Nadia von Holzen, not prepared, but... interested in bringing in liberating structures. Swiss, based in NL

Others also to join: Peter Bury, Lucie Lamoureux, Wangui wa Goro, Jasmin Suministrado, Yanicke Goris

Sarah: event to be part of the birthday party. Piggybacking on EADI conference, at ISS, The HagueTalking to Pier Andrea, to set new io platformHas all functionalities, but also a wiki, etc. Will be good to play a bit, perhaps moving there in the future. And had mail from Michael Victor, willing to host KM meeting in Addis. October. Must be talking soon to Andreas

Peter Ballatyne: Dgroups had rough ride with former technical provider. 2018 exploded. Now trying to recreate new group. Less on the technical platform, more on collaboration. So for now, to have a dgroup on new platform, do a retorspective, what have we learned in online collaboration. dgroups for 18 years. A virtual conference for a month or so, then a face to face in The Hague. Krishan also on the board, FARA will have a big meeting in Ghana. So we could also have a face to face in Accra, perhaps 1.5 hoursTo do in June July. Looking for slot in meeting. And has money, could pay a bit of local costs. To do collaboratively.

Ewen, pre-collaboration online.

Peter, online dialogue, perhaps not only looking at dgroups.

Sarah, win-win to work with dgroups. Others invited, but good to look history of collaboration

Helen: good to have this discussion also to inform thinking about innovative solutions...

Ewen, thank you Jorge, you're doing a fabulous job at taking notes btw!

Now with big need to have zoom meetings, no face to face. Now, opportunity to make the case for virtual interaction, but one that build on understanding hat works

Helen: looking forward must indeed be a strong part of it; for the dgroups thing we would be looking back to look forward. bringing in some of the experience capitalization notions from cta and elsewhere.

Nancy posted something on twitter - what are the facilitation approaches that work. In the context we are all in. So not just to have a retrospective, but also thinking where do we go now.

Peter Ballantyne, we will be looking for volunteers. but not trying to cover everything.

Mike, not just the virus, pressure to fly less. Think of new tools, form sub groups as the equivalent of world cafe. Have mixed face to face with virtual. Would be good to experiment a range of virtual interactions. I could learn a lot. Pick from expertise in the group

Peter Ballantyne, lots of reasons to innovate and experiment … for dgroups we just offer/propose 'a' something; others need to complement and improve

Ewen, what a better community than this one??A good moment to look at a theme we have been thinking of for long. How to balance online with face to face. Blended, combined, etc. And we are 20 organisers

Arno; The virtual island summitvirtual islands summit. Was fully virtual, 4000 participantsTo re do it, with 10,000 participants, during 5 days. Can be inspiration, show how to do it. zero carbon footprint!

Andreas: what is the target of our meeting? Opportunity to celebrate. But this is internal. We are commemorating 20 years. To think what is successful, how to go forward, etc. But should we not use the opportunity to have more outreach? Invitation sent in 2000, we had bilaterals, multilaterals, big ngos, it was a big outreach. KM is growing, we might use opportunity to bring KM to the political world, other stakeholdersOne part is to celebrate. Another one can be to address others, those who are not members, etc.

Arno: I agree. Projects should be multi stakeholder. The more we reach out to them, the better. Even with internal celebrations

Helen: Andreas idea is really good. But decide what is the event for. What is the audience. Also it is good to get KM4Dev together, The group is very very diverse. Every time there has been a meeting (The Hague, Seattle, Geneva) it has been valuable, good to give community a boost. trying to give an international focus may put this all at risk. Putting the members together has a lot of value. But not exclude what you say. Andreas, yes, but one of the characteristics in Geneva was that we had directors, diplomats, etc. This was good.

Sarah. A happy medium? Potential themes: liberating structures, online-offline interaction, ... put this all in a wiki when runningWiki funcitonality on the dgroup. We should start making inventory, covering themes. And other people we may want to invite

Ewen, liberating structures not as a theme, but as a vehicle. In face to face and virtual. Can also be abandoned! Put all ideas online. Is wiki easy? Why not just Google Docs? It is important that it is simpleTo check this with Pier Andrea. depends on settings. Will let us all know this week

Helen: experimenting offline-online?

Nadia: liberating structures to support the process. Reconnecting and reaching out. Can be both. And celebrating. There LS can play a role and support. It is playful to do online, face to face, in a sensible way. Will have meeting with Nancy, will produce ideas for this.

Ewen: yes, have all, as options for sessions. Nadia and I to think along for a particular segmentTo plan sessions, with or without LS

Mike: Not only for those who have been there all along. All welcome. If we piggyback another event, then there is another persons. Not excluding people. This time we piggyback an academic conference, so that will be there.

Sarah, Future of KM4Dev might be possible session and time to discuss what is happening with the group, see where it is going. And perhaps another sessions aimed at the conference participantsOpen to all comersIntroduce KM4Dev

Ewen, perhaps do sthg to introduce KM4Dev as a community ahead of time)? Invite all EADI participants, But how much do we want to advertise? It is open, but do we do something formal to call others? Could be a one hour online session, online. For face to face, problem will be the space in the room. There sill be lots of people interested in meeting you all

Ewen, Capacity of EADI 2 rooms booked - to be checked, including 50 people in one room Room is for 50...Ewen, 16:48Canteen to be checked - could be used there alsoOther room 40 capacityOnline facilitation usually comes when the agenda has been defined...

Cesar: hybrid aspect, very important. Mostly, the online facilitation comes once the agenda is designed. Provide an online solution for the pre-defined agenda. Another way is to think of those who will be online, with the same relevance as those in the room. A compromise. Mostly, those online pay the price. Keep that in mind. Not to start with idea that attendees will be more important

Sarah, The aula is for 50 people and the other room is for 40 But we can hire more rooms if necessary

Andreas: are we limited to one day? Could add day before, after, ...

Ewen, ACTION: Sarah to check if ISS (meeting location) is open on `Saturday too

Sarah: difficult to get location. (meeting will be going one). To check if ISS is open on saturday? Or where Yannick is, is a nice place but very expensive. Good idea to have another day too!

Andreas, find someone who has convening power. Must be someone.

Sarah, to investigate. But difficult to find a partners as effective... start with an inventory.

Andreas: invite organizations to use this opportunity. To make NL shine!

Cesar, Need to leave now, sorry about that. Great meeting! looking forward to the notes & next steps :)

Sarah, problem is that it may become a different animal... right now it is more like a fun event, etc. Afraid it may be much more hard work The Broker, e.g., could convene, but finances... Remember this is a good opportunity to get together

Ewen, could be to propose a next move,

Helen, good to be pragmatic, even after/together with thinking big! Hybrid idea - learning and reflecting on 20 years. Build on that. An experiment in an intentional way. Contributing to the practice. So not just for ourselves, but also for the global good

Ewen, follow up:

  •           ACTION: Sarah to check with Pier-Andrea about where to share ideas etc.
  •          ACTION: Sarah to check on EADI rooms and options for adding a 2nd day to the event
  •          ACTION: Ewen to plan the next chat? Timeframe? 2-3 weeks

Ewen, 2-3 weeks fine and lets connect with others missing today

Sarah, yes. And make sure to involve the other people too. Inviting them to the dgroup

Ewen, share notes to others

Andreas, start with draft agenda

Ewen, ideas into segments, yesUpload it after deciding on the platform

Ewen, ACTION: Save the date for the whole community

Arno, make a save the date for the whole community very soonAnd think of mentioning to others too

Mike, if conference is 4 days, it may be that it is cancelled...(!) See where it is in three weeks or so. Before the save the date

Andreas, With regards to linking The Hague with Addis Ababa: Who would be On Board in co-organizing the Addis Event? Somebody interested in organising Addis? Sarah wants to.

Sarah, this to go to the platform too

Peter Ballantyne, looks like lots of good ideas. maybe need to decide if it needs to be a single-focused event or more a smorgasbord of different ideas and folks and conversations coming together - face to face and virtually.

Peter Ballantyne, and make it manageable for the organizers ….

Sarah, I think it’s a smorgasbord but with a title like 21st C skills

Thanks you all