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Last thursday as planned we had a meeting about next steps for the cancelled The Hague event that we are going to do online. People who were able to make to the meeting were: Arno, Helen, Jorge, Peter Bu, Mike, Rocio and Sarah with apologies from Peter Ba and Wangui. 

I have appended the skype chat notes (thanks Jorge!) but the general conclusions were as follows:

- We will hold an online event, roughly at the same time as the planned f2f event on 3 July
- The format will be a 24 hour, follow-the-sun meeting - similar to the KM4Dev event a few years ago - and it will be structured into slots and will also have tea and coffee breaks so that people can meet each other
- In this meeting, there will be open space but also structured inputs
- We will also hold regular meetings - possibly once a week -  which will be less formal and should be fun and give the opportunity for social interaction. Rocio and Sarah to work on an outline for this to share with this group. The first step will get input from the community. We will use Rocio's zoom account for this and possibly the other meeting too.
- Content proposed: Dgroups Foundation for proposal on virtual collaboration; 'Knowledge on the move'; KM strategies; KM expertise and retirement; experience capitalization; linking to the online discussions about COVID-19; and speed dating.

- Rocio and Sarah to work on proposal about weekly meetings
- Sarah to contact Nancy White to ask if she could be involved
- Sarah to send an invitation for a follow up meeting in two weeks' time
- Rocio to develop infographic on virtual meetings