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Present: Jorge, Mike, Peter Ballantyne, Helen, Rocio, Pier Andrea, Chris Addison, Chris Zielinski, and Sarah (notes)

Action points

  • Draft time scheme for the round-the-world event (Peter and Jorge)
  • Draft overview of the google doc for the market place (Sarah)
  • Contact with Simone Staiger and Denise Senmartin for a potential Spanish-speaking event (Jorge)
  • Contact with Francophone people about organizing a Francophone session (Sarah)
  • Pier Andrea will run the Asia session


  • Learning from the previous round-the-world sessions: needs for hands on deck; be aware that we need commitments from presenters/facilitators because last time they didn't always turn up; need to promote the virtual sessions effectively per segment; 2 slides at the beginning of each session outlining the process
  • Will be run on Rocio's zoom
  • 6 sessions of open space roughly an hour long with additional times for social activity, starting at the last knowledge cafe on 15.00 CEST on 2 July, running into 3 July
  • Different formats for different sessions, depending on content
  • The google doc of the market place should include a section on who should be invited, not just via the list
  • At least one person will go to the next session, telling what happened in the previous one