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Title: The impact of the KM4Dev: what have we achieved?


Main facilitators: Jorge and Jasmin

(Rocio) - technical issues before officially open by Sarah

 A huge welcome to everyone to the first of the time slots and sessions in the round-the-world conference  (Sarah)


5 minutes of opening including 1 minute video (Jorge)


- A brief outline of the conference with 9 different sessions

- This follows on from the knowledge cafes – showing the film here – and a special thank you to the whole team responsible for the round-the-world conference, and particularly Rocio and Jorge for organizing the knowledge cafes and all of those involved in the conference such as Cesar, Pier Andrea, Ginetta, Jasmin and others. We plan to continue with the cafes – at one a month – for the foreseeable future because they are becoming more an popular and a great way for KM4Dev to become more active and acquire more active members for the core group. But now we kick off with the celebrations of KM4Dev’s 20 year anniversary….


3 minutes of river of life (Jasmin)


- Jasmin too show how to do annotations

- Today we are looking at the impact of km4dev by taking a historical look at what the community has achieved over the past 20 year. KM4Dev is a community of practice and has brought about change at the level of the domain (KM4D), the practice, and the community of individuals involved.


In the final session, we will be looking forward – how can we reach the full potential of the community but in this first session, we will be looking back. What impact has the community of practice had at the level of the domain (KM4D), the practice and at the level of individuals? Speakers in this opening session will be past members of the core group, looking at how KM4Dev has developed over the past 20 years, emphasizing the impact



3 Main speakers

Community development over the past 20 years

Lucie Lamoureux – looking back at the beginning (5 minutes)

Peter Bury – new development since 2010 (3 minutes)

Charles Dhewa - his opinion on impact (3 minutes)

Notable spin offs (3 minutes)

The ‘Knowledge Management for Development Journal’ and the ‘Agenda Knowledge for Development’ (Sarah Cummings)


There have a number of different analyses of KM4Dev. Perhaps one of the most interesting has been undertaken 10 years ago when the community was 10 years old by Sebastiao Ferreira published in the KM4D Journal here:


In less than 10 years, KM4Dev has become a global network of development agents who  share  the  idea  that  knowledge  can  contribute  to  the  development  of  poor  countries and groups in a disadvantaged situation. KM4Dev is already playing the role of a cognitive  bridge  for  development  agents  worldwide,  and  the  demand  of  methodologies  and tools of development agents have shaped the flow of knowledge among the members of the net. KM4Dev plays that role with a high level of efficiency, providing reliable answers to development agents on a daily basis, almost in real time, and at very low cost.


He saw KM4Dev as being part of a new Enlightenment:



By  supporting  local  spaces  of  innovation,  enabling knowledge  access  to  innovative  initiatives,  channelling  knowledge  sharing  among  innovative programmatic approaches, and by reflecting on its own experience KM4Dev can make a distinctive contribution to the creation of a new Enlightenment oriented to solving the complex problems of poverty and inequity, and the impacts of climate change.


15.30 Break out into colour groups (20 minutes) to consider what impact or change KM4Dev has had in your opinion. With this we are aiming to map the impact of the community.

Slides prepared and filled in by the rapporteur.


15.50: Facilitating feedback (Jorge)


Don’t ask for reporting back but ask one or two individuals to talk about their experiences at the level of the individual or organizations or the domain of KM4Dev, looking for more diversity (Africa, Latin America) than can be found among the presenters.


15:53: Give the floor to Cesar to highlight some messages from the chat

15: 55: Jasmin to share the relay, quiz and agenda (registrations are still open)