Need Help?

You can get help with from the resources below. If you'd like more assistance or have questions, please check out the Group Managers Forum and Group_Help groups. Due to the current volume of support email, we can only answer messages sent from owners of Premium groups at this time.

Owners Manual

Everything you need to know to create and manage a group.
Indexed | Single Page | PDF

Members Manual

Detailed information to help you make the most of your group memberships.
Indexed | Single Page | PDF

Getting Started

A guide to help you set up and manage your group.
Indexed | Single Page | PDF


Definitions of terms used in the manuals.
Indexed | Single Page | PDF


Frequently asked questions.
Indexed | Single Page | PDF

Getting additional help

If you have questions about using, first check the Group Members Manual or Groups Owners Manual, as applicable, then check the FAQs. If you did not find the information you were looking for in any of that documentation, you can check these additional resources:

  • Group_Help: This group is open to anyone who has questions about groups.
    Note: This group is led by volunteers; it is not officially affiliated with
  • GroupManagersForum: This group discusses members’ experiences as group owners and moderators, shares ideas for promoting and customizing group content areas, and offers techniques and advice for managing groups. In particular, the group’s wiki contains a wealth of information.
    Note: This group is led by volunteers; it is not officially affiliated with

Submitting suggestions for new features or improvements

If you have a suggestion for a new feature or an improvement to the service, you can join the Beta Group. This group discusses the service and how it can be improved. Hashtags are required and new topics are moderated. The Beta group is monitored by the team.

Reporting bugs

If you encounter a bug, post a message on the Beta group and include the #bug hashtag, or send an email message to Include as much information as possible to help the team reproduce the bug and implement a fix.

Reporting documentation suggestions or corrections

If you find an error in the Help Center documentation or have a suggestion for improvement, you can join the Docs subgroup of the Beta Group and post it there. The Docs subgroup is monitored by the team.